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With cheat gold diable, you can get gold 3000+. How to use cheat gold diable. 1. run your D2 Loader Shortcut with windowed parameters. 2. Open WPE Pro and attach it to “Game.exe” 3. enter a game, w/ or w/o people, doesn’t matter. 4. open your inventory and select the drop gold button. 5. enter the amount as “1″ but do not hit “Ok” 6. hit the play button on WPE pro to start sniffing packets. Then return to the game and select “Ok”. 7. hit the stop button to stop recording packets, a list of recorded packets should appear. Make sure you dont record to many packets, this will make it difficult to find the packet of you dropping the gold. 8. find the packet labled “Send”, and usually contains these bytes:01 00 00 00 near the end. 01 being the amount of gold (already tried editing that, you get D/Ced) 9. right click the packet and click send. A detailed menu should appear. Locate the send timer and lower it to 100ms, tick the circle labled “Continuously”, and click the play button.

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