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Cheat still work well for Pangya Euro (GOA). Now, you use UCE that bypass Rev more than 1196. Step by step cheat euro :
1. Open UCE
2. UCE have Kernelcopy or bypass button, you should press it once everytime you open the UCE and press CTRL+O keybord button to open Seigaku[R].CT
3. Open Pangya Euro update and click at game start button
4. Quickly go to UCE and click at computer icon button on the top left hand corner to find a process called ProjectG.exe just double click on it to open the process

download UCE here
download SeiGaku[R].CTGOAV3.34

Remember after change value, click at “Frozen” box for each hack mean always freeze the address value to get always hack working. Re-Click at the box mean unfreeze the value and change the value to original value mean normalize the game.



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