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This list of cheat pangya online for public and private :

Bouns Pang hacks : gives you thousands of pangs when you hit a pangya or use putting club, cannot exceed 99999 pangs per tourney. Only works in tourney. Hex projectg.exe or you can use a memory editor to search 30 and change it to 3000

CS rank hack : allows you to have unlimited upgrade slot, and wear items that require a higher rank (only works in tourney, practice, family (color orange important). Searh you rank, rookie F = O, rookie A - 5, beginner A = 10, and so on so fourth, and change your rank to whatever you want, only you will see the edited rank

O.B hack : makes your opponent get a o.b no matter where he shots, only work in 2 player versus mode, and make your shot no o.b when you use in tourney. Make your shot go o.b and search the 1, and when you have no o.b search 0, change to 1 for o.b or change to 0 for no o.b

Tomahit hack : allows you to use tomahawk, cobra, powerspin, without hitting a pangya or using power shot, note that you can’t hit a pangya for this to work. Search 16 when doing a tomahawk, and 0. Change the value to 1 for powerspin, 16 for tomahawk, 32 cobra, alternatively you can change to 48 for cobrahawk.

Club hack : allows you to use any club you like. Search 0 when using 1w and 3 when using 9I, and so on and so forth.

Spin hack : gives you super spin. Search unknown. Then move your ball up and search increased. And move it down and search decreased. Repeat until 1 address. Address is DMA, so you have to search every time you start a new game.

HIO hack : instant HIO with shotting, doesn’t work in versus mode, can be used to increasethe number of HIO you have. Score you got will not be recorded. Change the spin value to -1

Map hack : put a .pak file in pangya folder to modify the maps to easy ones. Eg. h15 blue lagoon



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