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This cheat gold adventure quest world, you must download WPE for cheat gold.
How to use cheat gold AQ World :
1. Go to noobshire, make sure you have WPE Pro open.
2. Go to Rolith and click on quest, make sure that you have “rats in the cradle”
3. Start Scan
4. Accept rats in the cradle quest.
5. Stop Scan, find the accept querst packet. It should look like this Code:

6. Go to the left frame.
7. Start scan
8. Pick-up a mouse
9. Stop scan.
10. Find the packet that looks similar to this and add to send list Code:

11. Pick up the six rats manually.
12. Once you have finished, go to rolith, clikc on quests
13. Select rats in cradle and start scan
14. Say “Turn in”
15. Stop scan and add the packet that looks like this to your send list Code:

16. Now just click on somewhere good to rest.
17. Set socket id to send list.
18. Start scan and gold will start flowing in.

Good luck

download cheat gold



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