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How to use cheat bot 2moons, step by step tutorial :
1. start 2moons, and get your character to the map where you wish to bot, then close 2moons
2. download cheat bot 2moons

3. enter your information correctly, make sure its all correct or it wont work

4. press login and wait
5. once your logged in, press the map tab, located at the top right hand of the bot
6. at map set, scroll through the list of map

7. now, click the button in the very bottom left hand corner “viewmap / setmoveway”
8. click anywhere you want to hunt on the map
9. repeat step 8 until everywhere you want to bot is selected
10. now check that box that says show all
11. now find the enemies in that list are present on your map
12. you can click the general tab, and click start to begin booting

download cheat bot 2moons



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