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How to use cheat exp adventure quest with easy. This tutorial cheat exp or cheat experience points :
First, get to a level where you are comfortable in killing creatures that have 500 HP with an average damage at about 20. You will probably need to be at over level 20 and have recommended stat training in strength and dexterity. Get a Fire elemental weapon and a Light elemental weapon. Also, either get armor or shields that can resist Earth and Darkness attacks. The Lycan armor and the Darkness shield work very well for this. A Light spell (Daybreak recommended) is optional. Also get a Truffle and the dog you can get inside the Lycan Lair in Drakiva Forest. Go to “Travel”, “Drakiva Forest”, and select the third little dot from the back to town little button. It should be before Vampire E. Click on that and skip all the dialogue. You will fight the Alpha Lycan regardless if you are his sub-race. He has half health (about 400 to 500 HP). Use the Fire elemental sword to kill him to get 300 gold and 500 experience points. Then, skip all the next dialogue, You will fight a Vampire Lord (400 to 450 HP).

Use a Light sword and a Light spell. Daybreak (500 gold) does 50 to 70 damage if both attacks hit, and only uses 50 MP. The dog in the Lycan Lair is also a Light elemental creature. After you kill it, you will get another 300 gold and 500 experience points. Depending on your stats (Strength, Dexterity, etc.), you can do this cycle in about five minutes. You may also be able to do it several times before healing, which results in 600 gold and 1,000 experience points every five minutes. Also, there are no stat rolls or extra monsters to fight



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