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How to use cheat speedhack rose online ? Frist, You must download WPE Pro. This tutorial how to use cheat speedhack :

  • login rose
  • load up Tsearch and attach it to TROSE.EXE by clicking the open process button and then selecting TROSE.EXE
  • click the little Search button with a magnifying glass (Farthest left), select “Exact Value” in the pull down, enter your normal movement speed (with shoes on), change the second pulldown to “2 BYTES” then click ok
  • now, you have a sizable list on the left side with tons of addresses. Now click the second Magnifying glass, the one with the “…” beside it. This time select “Decreased By”. Make sure the Bytes is at 2 bytes
  • go back into rose, take off your shoes, your movement speed has changed, make note of it and get back to tsearch
  • now do some math, basic subtraction: Movement Speed with shoes - Movement Speed without shoes = Our magic number
  • enter your Magic number into the Value Box in tsearch and hit ok.
  • double click the item it left in the list, it should copy it to the box on the right. Once its there, check its little checkbox and then change the “Value” option to whatever speed you want.

download cheat speed or WWW.LIGAGAME.US



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