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This cheat work see player names in war servers cabal anywhere, you can choice method 1 or method 2.
Method 1 :
1. find a player in the game that you want to see the name of such as someone2. press ESC to bring you into “menu”
3. make sure that the person you want to see the name of is in view
4. press the select server button
5. for about 1 second all the palyers names are reviled

Method 2 :
1. go to near the warp center in a town
2. when the player you want to see the name of your view, go into the warp center and while it is loading all player names in your view are reviled Note : for method 1 or 2, you can press the “print screen” button on your keyboard while the names are reviled, it is located here beside scroll lock, and you can see print screen.

thanks t turbowog



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