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If you looking for cheat gold or sycee autolooting fix CO2 (Conquer Online 2) for CID Proxy Beta 2.0.1. It adds the gold code to the items .ini file so that your proxy recognizes it while looting.

How to use cheat gold autolooting CO2 :
1. Open you’re Conquer 2.0\config folder after you’ve installed CID.
2. Open the file items.ini
3. Insert the following 3 lines of text (if you want silver, sycee and gold)
4. 1090000 Silver
5. 1090010 Sycee
6. 1090020 Gold
7. Save and Close file, return to botting.
8. No .exe necessary

You need Java virtual Machine (JVM) to run this fix
download goldfix
download syceefix



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