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Step by step how to use speed hack cabal online :

1. Download Cheat Engine 5.4:(Cheat Engine) at here
2. Download the latest CabalbotPH at here
Game Bot for silkroad 2moons GE CABAL Hero
3. Run CabalbotPH. You will see a white finger icon on the right corner of your task bar.
4. Right-click it and press start.
5. Locate cabalmain.exe on your cabal installation directory. Its usually here - [C:\Program Files\e-Games\CABAL Online (PH)] the game will start.
6. Press alt + tab then open cheat engine. Click the first icon on the upper left corner. it will show the process list. Locate cabalmain.exe and press ok.
7. Click the box at the left of “Enable Speed Hack”. Set speed to 7 and sleep time to 00001. Then press Set Speed.
8. All done, fun and enjoy If you confused, you must read again or download any games at here



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  1. cheezychunk On February 20, 2009 at 3:58 AM

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