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Prana in the world is very tantra be pursued by each player pkok his monologue how each day prana characters we grow up we sometimes weakly for doin this one, because it increases with each day prana yahh automatic deh-level rise

but for the old players in the world of Tantra it is not a problem anymore because of the many tools or software tool that automatically make the characters move to kill the monster get so prana player does not need to bother to do manually, or E and R while face-to-face with computer pity we

In this article I try to explain at the same time provide special links to download the program free tis tis without persaratan to any player who is still pemula.karena I believe the player will have experienced guffaw view this article, even to get this software you do not need registration.
STEP 2 the following should you do:

Step 1

Download the software here for special software macro

Step 2

Tantra run the exe in your computer

Step 3

extract software

Step 4

Run MozTools

With the correct settings depending on the character of each

See the image below for more clear it

Support for the better may use the tools of macro Support
I is not easy .... kriting hands of the same e E R, (can also use to log multiple) that easily usable.



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  1. Anonymous On November 25, 2009 at 9:28 AM

    is there more cheats for rupia